Our Story

Carolina Family Vision provides the highest quality, compassionate eye care to ensure your family enjoys a happy and healthy life.

Carolina Family Vision is the culmination of many years of education, hard work, and a passion for helping those around us see the world a little more clearly. Our story began in Memphis TN where we attended the same optometry school. We met at orientation and were married 2 years later. We graduated and moved to NC. After working other jobs, we both decided we wanted to open a practice where we could treat patients the way we wanted, like family, not just a number. So, we move two very young children to Holly Springs, NC and opened up shop. We experienced steady growth and success and expanded the practice in size, with our new building, and function, by adding another doctor to serve more of the people in this area.

As we had hoped, Holly Springs proved to be a great place to raise our family, build relationships, and serve the community. Our children have thrived here. Clarkson, a 7th grader at Holly Ridge Middle School, enjoys the beach, video games, and many sports, especially football. Campbell, a 5th grader at Holly Ridge Elementary School, loves softball (she's a catcher), school, music, and art.

​​​​​​​We love the people of this community and are dedicated to continuing our growth here by educating ourselves on new techniques, investing in new technology, and bringing new services to our patients for years to come.

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