Dry Eye Treatment

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is a drug-free, drop-free, light-based dry eye therapy that treats the root cause of most dry eye disease - chronic inflammation. At Carolina Family Vision, we have been using the Lumenis Optima M22 IPL technology to successfully treat dry eye syndrome by reducing chronic inflammation since 2019. IPL technology has been used in dermatology to treat skin inflammation for more than 20 years, and as inflammation has been identified as the leading cause of dry eye syndrome over the last decade or so, it has been adopted by eye care as a leading treatment for reducing dry eye symptoms and slowing its progression.

MiBo ThermoFlo

Chronic inflammation causes evaporative dry eye syndrome by clogging the meibomian glands and thus, not allowing for production of the tear film’s oil layer. MiBo ThermoFlo is a comfortable, effective, and affordable new treatment designed to reduce symptoms of evaporative dry eye syndrome by improving meibomian gland function. It delivers consistent emissive heat to the meibomian glands of the upper and lower eyelids in order to break up clogged glands and restore normal oil production.


BlephEx is a new, in-office procedure that allows your doctor to take an active role in cleaning your eyelid margins. Over 50% of all patients suffer from some type of eyelid symptoms associated with insufficient eyelid hygiene, so BlephEx is able to eliminate those symptoms by removing excess bacteria, biofilm, and bacterial toxins from the lid margins.


Omega-3 fatty acid supplements have been shown to reduce evaporative dry eye symptoms by fighting systemic inflammation, and the reduction in inflammation improves meibomian gland function. The two most important fatty acids are DHA and EPA, and studies show that dry eye symptoms are most reduced when DHA and EPA are taken both in higher quantities, approximately 2,000 mg total, and in the re-esterified triglyceride form. At Carolina Family Vision, we believe very strongly in the power of fish oil at treating dry eye symptoms, and we recommend the ProOmega 2000 by Nordic Naturals to all of our dry eye patients.

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